EU Is Funding PA Takeover of Israeli-Controlled Areas in West Bank

(Jerusalem Post) Tovah Lazaroff - The Oslo Accords allotted Area C of the West Bank to be under full Israeli military and civilian control. The European Union has spent $500 million over the last seven years to support a Palestinian Authority plan to control Area C, the Israel Intelligence Ministry reported Tuesday. The EU has spent 170 million euros over the past decade on master plans for Palestinian development. Another 20 million euros is earmarked for Palestinian legal battles against Israeli communities and the security barrier. The ministry noted EU support for illegal building and a plan to register Palestinian property in Area C. There are 600 PA employees in 100 branches working on the land registration project, based on Jordanian law. Representatives from the Civil Administration and the Justice Ministry said the PA land registration in Area C lacked legal status.

2022-01-20 00:00:00

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