EU Tries to Twist International Law to Fight Eviction of Squatters in Jerusalem

(JNS) Israel Kasnett - According to Avi Bell, a professor at Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law, "the European Union's accusation that Israel is committing war crimes in Sheikh Jarrah by moving forward with plans to build an Arabic-language special-needs school for...residents of the neighborhood shows that European officials harbor equal contempt for common sense, international law and the Jewish state. There is no international law that forbids Israel taking control of public lands to build a special-needs school" or that "gives Palestinian trespassers the right to block construction of a special-needs school." The Minister of Internal Security, Omer Bar-Lev, a member of the Labor Party, also acknowledged on Monday that the law is on Israel's side. "The court ruled that this was an illegal invasion [by Arab squatters]. The area is intended for the establishment of classrooms and kindergartens for special education that are for the benefit of the neighborhood's Arab children. It is impossible...both to demand that the municipality act for the welfare of the Arab residents and also to oppose the construction of educational institutions for their welfare." Moreover, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood had been confiscated by Jordan in its war with Israel in 1948 and it ethnically cleansed its Jewish residents from the very homes the Arab illegal squatters now claim as their own.

2022-01-20 00:00:00

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