Associated Press Injects "Occupation" into Story about Palestinian Workers Killed in Car Crash

(HonestReporting) Gidon Ben-Zvi - The Associated Press (AP) turned the death of eight Palestinians in a West Bank car crash into a broad indictment of Israel. Most of the Jan. 6 piece, titled "Road crash in West Bank kills 8 Palestinians, injures 2," isn't even dedicated to the details of the accident. AP notes that "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared a day of mourning for the victims, who he described as 'martyrs'." The story depicts Palestinians with the opportunity to earn a living outside of Palestinian Authority-administered territories as being subjected to alleged repressive Israeli policies. But why are connections between West Bank Palestinians and Israel depicted as a bad thing given the decades-long effort by the international community to forge peaceful co-existence? Such reporting reduces the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a grossly oversimplified, blame-Israel narrative.

2022-01-13 00:00:00

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