In 2021, the IDF Saw Action on Six Fronts

(Jerusalem Post) Anna Ahronheim - In 2021, the IDF was active on six fronts, with thousands of operational sorties by the Israel Air Force and tens of special operations. Strikes in Syria destroyed an immeasurable amount of advanced and strategic weaponry, and Iran's air, land, and sea corridors didn't function for 70% of 2021. As hopes fade regarding diplomatic talks aimed at stopping Iran's nuclear program, Israel's military has continued to accelerate preparations for a potential strike on the country's nuclear facilities. Military officials have stood behind comments made by incoming Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Tomer Bar who said that Israel could successfully strike Iran's nuclear program tomorrow, if needed. But Israel must be prepared for a large-scale retaliation that would come directly from Iran as well as through Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and even the Houthis in Yemen. In the Palestinian arena during 2021 there were 5,532 rock-throwing incidents, 1,022 firebombs, 61 shooting attacks, and 18 stabbing attacks.

2022-01-03 00:00:00

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