The UN Creates a Permanent Commission to Attack the Jewish State

(Wall Street Journal) Editorial - Last week the UN General Assembly signed off on a multimillion dollar sinecure for a permanent "Commission of Inquiry" into the Jewish State in the wake of the 11-day Gaza war in May between Israel and Hamas. The cause of the conflict was a rocket barrage on Israel by the Iran-backed terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel's defense of its civilians was lawful, targeted and restrained, but the UN wants to use the war as a pretext to indict Israel for "crimes." The commission staff, led by figures with records of anti-Israel rhetoric, are charged with delivering biannual UN reports indefinitely into the future. Israel is already an irrational fixation of the UN, which issued 17 resolutions condemning it in 2020. But, as the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs notes, the new commission will have 24 permanent staff, compared to 20 permanent staff for the UN Human Rights Council branch covering all of Asia. With an annual budget greater than $5 million, it will fund "790 days of travel for experts and staff every year." The commission has issued a public "call for submissions" and will recommend "criminal and command responsibility" for anything Israeli officials have ever done or may do in the future - an extraordinary attack on the sovereignty of a democratic member state.

2021-12-30 00:00:00

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