Hizbullah Has 2,000 Drones - Part of Iran's UAV Army

(Alma Research & Education Center) Tal Beeri - Iran's UAV Army includes direct use by the Iranians as well as use by Iran's proxies in Lebanon (Hizbullah and Hamas), Syria (Hizbullah and Shiite militias), Iraq (Shiite militias), Yemen (Houthis), and Gaza (Hamas and Islamic Jihad). Iranian UAVs also operate on the African continent and in Venezuela, where the Iranian Mohajer 6 has a range (2,000 km.) that can reach Florida and Puerto Rico. Iran has many thousands of UAVs that can be used for intelligence gathering and attacking purposes, as well as to transport explosives to terrorist elements. Hizbullah has received advanced UAVs from Iran and has succeeded in developing independent manufacturing capabilities. According to professional assessments, Hizbullah today possesses 2,000 UAVs. Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza also have independent UAV manufacturing capabilities. Iran's UAV Army has been activated against airports and oil fields in Saudi Arabia (by Houthis in Yemen and by the Iranians), against American forces in Iraq and Syria (by Shiite militias), against Israeli-owned merchant ships in the Persian Gulf (by the Iranians), and against Israeli targets in Israeli territory (by the Iranians from Syria or Iraq, by Hizbullah from Lebanon and by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza).

2021-12-23 00:00:00

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