Israel Disputes U.S. Claim It Wasn't Told of Plan to Outlaw Palestinian NGOs Linked to PFLP

(Times of Israel) Judah Ari Gross - An Israeli defense official on Saturday disputed claims that the U.S. was not informed of Israel's decision to label six Palestinian organizations as terror groups. "Officials in the American administration were updated in advance of the intention to make this declaration and they received intelligence information about the matter," the official said. "The organizations act as an organized network under the directive of the Popular Front's leadership. Many terrorist operatives, including those convicted of terrorism, have been employed by the organization. The organizations forged documents in order to raise money and to continue raising them with activities that never took place. The organizations represent a lifeline for the Popular Front for raising money and recruiting operatives and even for laundering money for the PFLP," the official said. The organizations also recruited people to join the PFLP's armed military wing.

2021-10-25 00:00:00

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