Funding for Israel's Missile Defense System Set for Vote on Thursday

(Ha'aretz) Marc Rod - The House of Representatives will vote Thursday on authorizing $1 billion for Israel to resupply its Iron Dome missile defense system. The system was used extensively in May, when Hamas fired rockets from Gaza toward Israel, the vast majority of which were intercepted by the system. (Jewish Insider) See also Israeli Officials Not Worried over Iron Dome Funds - Jonathan Lis One Israeli government official rejected the claim that the developments in Washington reflected Israel's political standing in the U.S. "This incident wasn't connected to Israel at all. In a situation in which the American administration needs every vote in the House of Representatives to pass the budget proposal, a single-digit number of legislators seized on this political situation to exert pressure through it. Does that mean we won't get the money? Quite the contrary."

2021-09-23 00:00:00

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