A Small Victory for Israel at the UN Security Council

[Jerusalem Post] Michal Lando - The decision by the UN Security Council to abandon attempts to agree on a presidential statement on the situation in Gaza constituted a rare victory for Israel, and the ensuing discussions signified a subtle shift away from the condemnation of Israel typical of the international body. The non-binding presidential statement originally sought to condemn Israel for the humanitarian crises in Gaza, making no mention of rocket attacks on Israel. Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman reminded the council that the UN charter instructs them to carefully "screen and consider" who to admit to the 15-member body, suggesting that Libya, the president of the council this month, should never have been included. "This was highlighted today by the litany of bias, distortion, bigotry and hate delivered by the representative of a country [Libya] that was itself under sanctions of this council, the same people who gave the world [the] Lockerbie [bombing]."

2008-02-01 01:00:00

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