Nasrallah Is Turning Lebanon into Afghanistan

(Arab News-Saudi Arabia) Baria Alamuddin - Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah drapes himself in the robes of national savior for bringing ships full of Iranian diesel to Lebanese shores and invites citizens to shed tears of gratitude on behalf of our Persian benefactors. Nasrallah knows that his own officials are overseeing the smuggling of scarce Lebanese fuel across the border into Syria, which is why Lebanon is so desperately short of fuel in the first place. Nasrallah is Lebanon's supreme traitor. He is in the pay of a foreign nation, acting according to the destructive agenda of that nation, and boasting about doing so. Nasrallah menacingly warns that these tankers bearing Iranian oil should be considered sacrosanct Lebanese territory. Why is Nasrallah so much more concerned about the wellbeing of these ships than Lebanon itself? This is the man who let nearly 3,000 tons of explosives in Hizbullah-controlled warehouses blow up half of Lebanon's capital. Meanwhile, Israeli surveillance planes circle over Beirut while Nasrallah cowers in his underground bunker, using the entire Lebanese nation like a human shield. Each step Lebanon takes into Iran's poisonous embrace is another step away from Lebanon's Arab identity. Nasrallah is doing everything in his power to turn Lebanon into Afghanistan. Citizens these days just laugh at Nasrallah's ridiculous bluster that Israel will shortly collapse and the Muslim world will soon reach Jerusalem. The only thing likely to reach Jerusalem is Lebanon's petrol queue.

2021-08-26 00:00:00

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