Jihadis Sense U.S. Weakness

(Gatestone Institute) Khaled Abu Toameh - Commenting on the speedy Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Arab political analysts have no doubt that the region is headed toward a new era of extremism and terrorism. Iranian-backed Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad said that they were emboldened by the "defeat" of the U.S. and called for stepping up the fight against Israel. "We are witnessing the creation of a malicious momentum to revive the extremist Islamists again, and no party will be spared from this momentum, and we, the Arabs, in particular, the Gulf states, will be targeted," wrote Saudi writer Mishary Dhayidi. "Afghanistan will once again become a safe haven for all fundamentalists and terrorists, from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Qaeda," said Saudi political analyst Abdullah Bin Bijad Al Otaibi. Osama Saraya, former editor of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, said: "We, the Arabs, are the most affected by all terrorist and extremist movements. We need to prepare for what is to come from Afghanistan.... We must not wait for assistance from the West or from the Americans."

2021-08-26 00:00:00

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