Ship Attack Exposes Iran's Empty Toolbox

(Israel Hayom) Vice Adm. (ret.) Eliezer Marom - Iranian media outlets claimed the Iranian attack on the oil tanker Mercer Street was carried out in response to an Israeli airstrike in Syria. Yet the attack exposed Iran's toolbox as empty. If the Iranians attack a Japanese-owned civilian vessel, sailing under a Liberian flag, with crewmen from across the globe, and killed citizens from the UK and Romania, it certainly illustrates the Islamic republic's inability to harm Israel. The Arab world, for which maritime freedom of movement and commerce is extremely important, cannot stand idly by and will respond to this attack through the diplomatic channels at its disposal. The Iranians will likely suspend further attacks on vessels, thus ending the campaign on this particular front. Israel must not respond at sea so as not to escalate the situation in this arena. Israel must continue impairing Iran's effort to establish a presence in Syria and Hizbullah's precision missile project through clandestine avenues. The writer served as commander of the Israeli Navy (2007-2011).

2021-08-02 00:00:00

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