Some Care about Palestinians Only When They Can Blame Israel

(Newsweek) Simone Rodan-Benzaquen - The situation in Gaza has only deteriorated since Hamas violently overthrew the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in Gaza in 2007 and installed an Islamist regime that not only terrorizes Israeli civilians but also oppresses the Palestinians it governs. As for President Abbas, he has not turned out to be the champion of freedom and democracy some had hoped for. In recent weeks, thousands have protested across the West Bank as Palestinian civil society activists and journalists have been intimidated and arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces. Yet the traditional champions of the Palestinian cause in the West, who vehemently protested Israel's actions in Gaza during the most recent conflict with Hamas, have remained silent. Why do individuals who identify themselves as supporters of the Palestinian people have this incredible blind spot? How can we explain the lack of interest in human rights when Israel is not involved? What is at play has less to do with the world of politics than with the world of psychology, and less to do with Israel than with those obsessed with Israel. The writer is Managing Director of American Jewish Committee (AJC) Europe.

2021-07-12 00:00:00

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