What's Disproportional Is the Criticism of Israel

(CAMERA) Dr. Alex Safian - While the fighting between Israel and Hamas has stopped for now, critics continue to condemn Israel for allegedly using "disproportional force" and for ethnically cleansing Palestinians from Jerusalem. Yet when the city was unified by Israel in 1967 it was 26% Arab. Now, after 54 years of "ethnic cleansing," Jerusalem is 38% Arab. The dispute in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem involves Palestinians who are tenants on land even Jordan agreed was Jewish-owned. As for disproportionate force, is Israel guilty because far more Gazans than Israelis have died? In World War II, far more Japanese and Germans died than Americans. Does that mean Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany were in the right, and the U.S. was in the wrong? Moreover, in May, 680 Palestinian missiles misfired and came down in Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians whose deaths were blamed on Israel. It is the lies told about Israel that are disproportional. The writer is the associate director and research director of CAMERA.

2021-06-24 00:00:00

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