Lebanese Politician: 1982 Israeli Invasion Solved the Problem of Palestinian Terrorism for Us

(MEMRI-TV) Lebanese Christian politician Camille Dory Chamoun, chairman of the National Liberal Party, said that Israel solved the "Palestinian problem" for Lebanon when it invaded the country in 1982. He explained that "We took the Palestinians in as refugees, and they turned against us, in an attempt to turn Lebanon into an alternative Palestine." Many Lebanese factions applauded the Israeli invasion, which "relieved us of a major plague." He added that the South Lebanon Army, which cooperated with Israel, defended Shi'ites even more than it defended Christians. Chamoun also said: "The Israelis do not want war. If you do not attack them, they will not attack you. But when you allow acts of aggression against Israel to be launched from your land, you will surely encounter a painful strike in return."

2021-06-17 00:00:00

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