The Poisonous Fruit of Appeasing Iran's Mullahs

(Gatestone Institute) Khaled Abu Toameh - Iran is continuing to exploit the Palestinian issue to promote its expansionist schemes and meddle in the internal affairs of Arab countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. During the recent war between Israel and Hamas, Iran went out of its way to make known that without Tehran's financial and military support, Hamas in Gaza would not have been able to fire thousands of rockets at Israel. The Arabs clearly see that Iran has ambitions not only to acquire a nuclear bomb, but also to aggressively export its "Islamic revolution" and terrorism. Saudi author Mohammed Hassan Mufti said, "There is no dispute among experts and political analysts that Iran is a direct cause of the complete destruction of at least four Arab countries." One of the missions of the Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force is to "liberate Jerusalem and Palestine," a euphemism for the elimination of Israel. Yet Syrian writer and journalist Faisal Al-Qassem noted that polls on Twitter have shown that more than 85% of voters do not trust the Iranian position on the Palestinian issue. Qassem quoted one Arab commentator who preferred keeping Jerusalem under Israeli control over its liberation by Iran. "Look at the capitals occupied by Iran: Baghdad has become, according to the United Nations, the dirtiest capital in the world, while Beirut has become the largest dumpster in the Middle East. As for Damascus, it turned into a ruin, while Sana'a returned to the Middle Ages." The Arabs are telling the Americans and other Westerners that appeasing Iran by reviving the nuclear deal, lifting sanctions or giving it money will only assist its regime in perpetrating more crimes and increasing instability and terrorism in the region.

2021-06-17 00:00:00

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