How Extremists Undermine the Palestinian Cause

(Arab News-Saudi Arabia) Ray Hanania - The fight for the Palestinian cause includes a political fight that often takes place internally between moderates and extremists, with the extremists seeking to perpetuate the conflict and the moderates seeking to end it. The extremists want all or nothing. They are seeking to defeat the enemy, not find a compromise. They don't care about the suffering caused by the conflict, but they do exploit that suffering to distract the public and ensure reason and common sense are lost. To the extremist, the existence of continued conflict means they have not lost, while peace and especially compromise would mean they have been defeated. Losing would be humiliating for the extremists - and not being humiliated is more important to them than the many lives that are lost in the violence they advocate. The battle between moderates and extremists prevents Palestinians and Israelis from bridging their differences and achieving genuine peace. The moderates are the majority, but they don't yell or scream the way the extremists do. This means there appears to be fewer of them. The moderates must speak out more loudly. If they fail, the minority of extremists will destroy everything. The extremists cannot be allowed to represent the Palestinian cause. As long as extremists exist as a viable force, there will never be a Palestinian state, Palestinian safety, or peace.

2021-06-14 00:00:00

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