Hewlett-Packard Says UK Education Union's Boycott Based on a Lie

(Jewish News-UK) Lee Harpin - The tech giant Hewlett-Packard has condemned the "unfortunate and untrue misinformation" being circulated by supporters of the Boycott Israel (BDS) movement over claims they are profiting from "Israel's oppression of Palestinians." The UK National Education Union (NEU) has reportedly moved to remove Hewitt-Packard products as part of the union's hostile position on Israel. The firm has long been targeted by the BDS campaign. An NEU staff member said: "Who knows how much this anti-Israel obsession is costing members of the NEU, who have to fund this boycott nonsense.... Biggest joke of all is that some of the equipment bought as replacements still uses Israeli technology."

2021-06-14 00:00:00

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