Anti-Semitism Spikes, and Many Jews Wonder: "Where Are Our Allies?"

(NPR) Melissa Block and Jerome Socolovsky - Alex Zeldin, who writes a column for the Forward, was called a "Jewish baby killer" by teenagers who began following him in New York City's Upper West Side. Zeldin has heard from many Jews who feel they've been abandoned by people they would expect to be their allies. He said, "A lot of the messaging that Jews have gotten over the last four you've got to show up. You have to be an ally. You have to speak up for others. And I think a lot of Jews, myself included, very much took that to heart," marching in support of women's and immigrant rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. But recently, he said, reciprocity has been hard to find. He said people find it easier to see and condemn anti-Semitism when it involves white supremacists. But when anti-Jewish hate gets twisted up with Middle East geopolitics, "folks struggle to identify it and to understand that it is a severe problem."

2021-06-10 00:00:00

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