There Are Key Moral Differences between Israel and Its Enemies

(Stanford Review) Maxwell Meyer - In Gaza, Israel is conducting rocket cleansing, not ethnic cleansing. Gaza is not under siege because the people who live there are Arabs (or Muslims or Palestinians). Gaza is under siege because it is controlled by a psychopathic militant terror regime with the explicit intention of conducting a second Holocaust against the Jewish people. Israeli military operations in Gaza are intended to stop indiscriminate rocket fire at Israeli civilians. There are key moral and legal differences between Israel and its enemies. Israel consistently takes steps far beyond its international legal obligations under the laws of war to protect civilians when it engages militarily with Hamas. Israel is not obligated to place personal phone calls to Gaza civilians begging them to evacuate their homes to keep their children safe. Israel is not obligated to spare any building if it is being used to store Hamas terror rockets or other weapons of war. Is it the fault of Israel that the Palestinian Authority hasn't held an election in 15 years, or that Hamas would rather spend resources on terror than improving the lives of its citizens?

2021-06-10 00:00:00

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