Palestinians Die as Hostages of Hamas

(Toronto Sun-Canada) Tarek Fatah - The tragedy of the Palestinians is that they are being held hostage by a leadership that, decade after decade, does not learn the lessons of their accumulated defeats. Imagine if the Arabs had accepted the 1948 UN partition plan. Palestine would today be a modern state and the thousands who have died in the repeated folly of war as a jihad against the Yahud (Jews) would have had a chance to excel. Arabs tried to wipe out Israel from the map again in 1956, 1967 and 1973, losing every time despite invoking Allah as their inspiration. What sort of a political leadership keeps repeating the same mistake every few years and hopes that the dead bodies of the people they claim to represent will win them sympathy as they invoke victimhood? Now Hamas has made common cause with the Iranian ayatollahs hell bent on eradicating the last Jews in the region as an Islamic cause. Our holy book the Quran is explicit. Moses is quoted as saying to the Jews: "O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you." This verse alone should have settled the issue from an Islamic perspective.

2021-05-21 00:00:00

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