An Open Letter to My Palestinian Brethren

(Investigative Project on Terrorism) Bassem Eid - I am writing to you, my Palestinian brothers and sisters, to open your eyes from the disinformation that your real captor, Hamas, is feeding you. Please do not let Hamas brainwash you into thinking it has "achieved" anything on our behalf. Hamas is not a social justice movement. It is a criminal gang that only cares about increasing its own power at all of our expense. Your lives start to improve only when the Hamas reign of terror finally ends. Only then will you actually taste the fruits of real peace with your Jewish cousins. Hamas incited violent riots at Al Aqsa by falsely claiming that the Jews are going to destroy Al Aqsa when that has never been true. It is Hamas that diverted much of the massive humanitarian supplies meant for you that Israel has been allowing in daily in hundreds of trucks. It is Hamas that has been stealing the cement and metal from the imports meant to build houses for you so that it could spend billions of dollars on a massive subterranean network of tunnels for its purposes only. When it came to war with the Israelis, Hamas deliberately used you as human shields, stationing rocket launchers and missile arsenals in your homes, apartments, office buildings and even hospitals - just as it did in 2014. I know from my sources in Gaza that as many as 25% of all rockets launched by Hamas crash within Gaza. That has resulted in Hamas killing as many as 50 of the civilians that it falsely blames on Israel. And when hostilities end, you can be sure that it won't be the people of Gaza but the Hamas gang that will be cutting the lucrative financial compensation deals with Qatar and European NGOs "to rebuild Gaza." Remember who got rich last time after the 2014 war with Israel? The writer is a Jerusalem-based Palestinian political analyst and human rights pioneer.

2021-05-21 00:00:00

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