White House Official Tells Jewish Leaders: "We Will Not Provide Iran with Sanctions Relief Upfront"

(Forward) Jacob Kornbluh - Brett McGurk, the National Security Council's coordinator for the Middle East, told Jewish American leaders during a White House Zoom call on Friday, "Until we get somewhere and until we have a firm commitment, and it's very clear that Iran's nuclear program is going to be capped, the problematic aspects reversed and back in a box, we are not going to take any of the pressure off." He said the administration is "not going to pay anything upfront just to get a process going. We have to see from the Iranians a fundamental commitment and agreement to put their nuclear program back in a box that we can fully inspect and observe." McGurk added: "We have worked with the Israelis every day in the security realm, in terms of their freedom of action - protecting themselves - as something fundamental to us....There is no disagreement on where we want to go - Iran can never get a nuclear weapon, period. There's some disagreement about the kind of tactics you might use to get there. But we agree on a lot more than we disagree."

2021-04-26 00:00:00

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