America's Middle East Allies Should Have a Voice in any New Iran Deal

(JNS) Jason Greenblatt interviewed by Ariel Ben Solomon - Former White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt told JNS: "The Biden administration has put a great deal of emphasis on the Europeans being the relevant parties at the Iranian table. While some of these European countries are relevant in the sense that they were involved in the disastrous JCPOA...the European outlook often is not aligned with ours or our important allies in the Middle East." "It is our allies in the Middle East who are in the most danger from the Iranian threats, including nuclear, missiles, drones, proxies, terrorism and other malign activity. These countries should have a seat at the front of the table at all these meetings to ensure their voices are heard loud and clear." "Israel should continue to do what it is doing by being a force for good in the world and security in the region and elsewhere. Israel should walk tall and proud, and over time, more and more countries will realize that being Israel's ally is a big benefit for so many reasons. I think Saudi Arabia will get there, but we have to be patient and give Saudi Arabia the space it needs. Pressure from any party, including the U.S., will not yield a peace deal that is worth much or long-lasting. Peace will come when everyone is ready for it, for the right reasons."

2021-03-22 00:00:00

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