Saudi Arabia Is an Indispensable Middle East Ally for the U.S.

(Newsweek) Jason D. Greenblatt - Based on my nearly three years at the White House working on Middle East-related matters, I believe the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership - especially His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - are allies, friends and partners in many U.S. regional interests. Based on my extensive experience with the crown prince and those who work closely with him, the crown prince serving in a leadership role would greatly benefit the people of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and our other allies in the region - including our most important regional ally, Israel. The Saudis that I am meeting recognize what the crown prince is trying to achieve and support his efforts, his dream and his vision. I am a proud, outspoken supporter of Israel. Yet, I am able to continue to have deep and meaningful ties with the people of Saudi Arabia and others in the region because we all understand that while we may disagree on certain major issues, we have so much more in common, and we want to build a better future for all. The writer served as President Trump's White House envoy to the Middle East for nearly three years.

2021-03-15 00:00:00

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