Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels in Yemen Ramp Up Strikes on Saudi Arabia

(Washington Post) Siobhan O'Grady - Yemeni rebels have dramatically ramped up attacks on targets inside Saudi Arabia over the past month. Since mid-February, Yemen's Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, have claimed responsibility for sending dozens of missiles and armed drones into Saudi Arabia on at least 13 days. Saudi Arabia leads a coalition of forces supporting the internationally recognized government in Yemen. According to Ian Williams, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who has researched Houthi missile operations, the increasing attacks may actually make it more difficult for the Saudis to extract themselves from the conflict. "It makes it much harder for Saudi Arabia to quit Yemen, knowing that you have this hostile force there with these missiles capable of firing into their territory."

2021-03-15 00:00:00

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