Jews Are Indigenous to the Land of Israel

(Algemeiner) Noam Rotstain - Archaeological, genetic, and historical evidence backs the indigeneity of Jews to Israel. Anthropologist Jose Martinez Cobo, who served the UN on indigenous matters, developed a checklist to clarify the meaning of indigeneity, which includes occupation of ancestral lands, common ancestry with the original occupants of the land, culture, language, and residence in parts of the country. A study found that over 90% of Jewish people can trace their genetics to the southern Levant region, which includes Israel. Using the same UN checklist, we can determine that genetically, linguistically, culturally, and spiritually, Palestinians can trace themselves back to the Hejaz region in the Arabian peninsula, now known as Saudi Arabia. Arabs began arriving in the Levant region in the 7th century CE, hundreds of years after the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans.

2021-03-11 00:00:00

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