We Know Who Killed Lokman Slim in Lebanon

(Washington Times) Clifford D. May - Lokman Slim, a prominent Lebanese Shia filmmaker, publisher, and activist who had the temerity to criticize Hizbullah for the incalculable harm it has done to his country, was found dead in his car on Thursday, shot three times in the head. In response to the assassination of Mr. Slim, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement that did not mention Hizbullah but said instead: "We join the international community in calling for his killers to be brought to swift justice." Fat chance. I understand that President Biden has no good options. But he does have bad options that he might want to avoid. Among the worst would be to reward Hizbullah and Iran's rulers who have the habit of murdering dissidents, at home and abroad. That means no economic rescue for Lebanon - currently sinking in debt - so long as Hizbullah is calling the shots. And it is now more obvious than ever how foolhardy it would be to lift sanctions on Tehran and return to the 2015 nuclear deal. That deal did not end the regime's nuclear weapons program. At most, it delayed progress in some areas while implicitly licensing the regime's terrorism and other malign activities. When dealing with despots, there are no talking cures. Enriching, empowering, and accommodating those who despise us and murder with impunity does not transform them into friendly neighbors. That approach has been tried. It consistently disappoints. The writer is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

2021-02-11 00:00:00

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