Few Egyptians Want Normalization with Israel

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) Mohamed Abdelaziz and David Pollock - An Egyptian public opinion poll in November 2020, commissioned by the Washington Institute, found that 55% say good ties with China are important for Egypt, compared with 52% who say good ties with the U.S. are important. Only 35% call good relations with Ankara even "somewhat important," while just 9% rank relations with Iran as even somewhat important. 96% voice a negative opinion of Hizbullah, and an equal amount express a negative view of Iran's ally in Yemen, the Houthis. 73% voice a negative opinion of Hamas. Only 23% now view the Muslim Brotherhood positively. However, only 1/4 support the recent peace agreements with Israel by the UAE and Bahrain, while 2/3 reject the agreements.

2021-01-21 00:00:00

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