U.S. Officials: Mauritania, Indonesia Were to Be Next to Normalize with Israel

(Times of Israel) Jacob Magid - The U.S. was closing in on agreements with Mauritania and Indonesia to be the next Muslim countries to normalize relations with Israel, but ran out of time, two U.S. officials told the Times of Israel this week. Mauritania established full diplomatic relations with Israel in 1999, but severed ties 10 years later. The U.S. was also in "intermediate" talks with Oman and slightly less advanced talks with Saudi Arabia on Israel normalization, another official revealed. An outgoing senior U.S. official said that "if the U.S. wants to continue to motivate the Abraham Accords, three to four more countries should be the low bar for its success....There's no doubt that when the U.S. wants to lead toward peace and normalization, more countries will follow."

2021-01-21 00:00:00

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