Former Lebanon Justice Minister Blames Hizbullah for Beirut Port Explosion

(Maariv-Jerusalem Post) Tobias Siegal - Maj.-Gen. Ashraf Rifi, a former justice minister and retired commander of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, said on Thursday that Iran's Revolutionary Guards were behind the shipment of ammonium nitrate sent to Hizbullah that caused the explosion at Beirut port on Aug. 4 that led to hundreds of casualties. "My message to Hizbullah is to not think that it has succeeded in sabotaging the investigation of the crime of the century," Rifi said. "Large quantities of ammonium nitrate were designated for the Syrian regime, while other large shipments were sent by Hizbullah to its affiliated terrorist groups in Cyprus, Kuwait, Germany and other foreign countries." He added that "the security forces know that Hizbullah controls the Beirut port for smuggling and exporting explosives."

2020-12-21 00:00:00

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