Normalization of Relations between Morocco and Israel

(U.S. Embassy in Israel) Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the President - "Morocco will establish full diplomatic relations and resume official contacts with Israel. They will grant overflights and direct flights to and from Israel for all Israelis. They'll reopen the liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv immediately, with the intention to open the embassies in the near future. They'll be promoting economic cooperation between Israeli and Moroccan companies." "We're seeing that a lot of countries want to keep this progress going. This has been held back for so long by old thinking and by a stalled process, and we finally had a breakthrough four months ago....The more people can have interaction with each other, the less the extremists and the jihadists have to justify the terrible things they do in the name and the perversion of the Islamic faith." "We've done a different kind of diplomacy than had been done in the decades before. But through this effort, we're achieving different results and ones that are being universally appreciated by all the parties, both in the region and throughout the world."

2020-12-14 00:00:00

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