We Are Already at War with Iran

(Algemeiner) Maj. (res.) Dan Feferman - The killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh won't lead to war with Iran because the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States have long been fighting a shadow war against Iran. It has attempted multiple times to threaten Israel from Syria through missile and drone attacks, has attacked American targets through proxy actors in Iraq, and launched a major drone and missile strike against Saudi oil installations. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how Iran fights wars. Since it lacks conventional capabilities, it employs significant and deniable capabilities using its various proxies, trained and operated by its Quds Force, but does so in ways that do not get covered widely in the American press. Over the past decade and a half, Iran has shown that it will only slow its illicit nuclear, ballistic, or regional behavior when it is under significant pressure. The combination of economic and diplomatic pressure with the threat of the use of force is what brought Iran to the table in the first place. Israel's enemies are not theoretical nor across an ocean. They are very real and very nearby. And the war with Iran is one that Israel cannot afford to lose.

2020-12-10 00:00:00

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