Swiss Attack Israeli Policy While Refusing to Sanction Iran

[FirstPost-UK] Neil Clark - In an attack which shocked Tel Aviv by the harshness of its tone, Switzerland has accused Israel of wantonly destroying Palestinian homes. In addition, the Swiss called east Jerusalem an "integral part of the occupied Palestinian territory." The Swiss attack is only the latest incident in a rising "cold war." Earlier this year, Israel summoned Swiss Ambassador Walter Haffner to its Foreign Ministry offices in Jerusalem to protest against Switzerland's signing of a multi-billion dollar energy deal with Iran. So incensed were Zionists when Swiss Foreign Minister Michelle Calmy-Rey wore a headscarf and was pictured smiling and joking with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran, that the Anti-Defamation League placed a series of advertisements in various national newspapers - including Swiss ones - which claimed that Switzerland's energy deal with Iran made Switzerland the "world's newest sponsor of terrorism." Calmy-Rey reacted angrily to Israel's criticism, saying that Switzerland was "an independent country that has its own strategic interests to defend." It wasn't always like this. The very first Zionist congress was held in Basle in 1897.

2008-11-18 01:00:00

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