The BBC Incites Baseless Hatred over Israel

(JNS) Melanie Phillips - For years, the BBC has presented Israel falsely as the rogue state in the region while downplaying or ignoring the attacks on Israelis and the incitement and anti-Semitism that are daily features of Palestinian Arab life. The most recent example concerns a Palestinian terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi. In August 2001, she handed a guitar case filled with explosives to an accomplice who detonated it in the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, murdering 15 people, seven of them children, and wounded more than 130. Tamimi has repeatedly gloated over what she did. She was given 16 life sentences, but was released in a prisoner swap after only 10 years. Since then, she has lived in Jordan, where she hosts a talk show on Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds TV. The U.S. wants Ahlam Tamimi to stand trial on federal terrorism charges in Washington. Last week, BBC Arabic TV broadcast a sympathetic presentation of the story Tamimi wanted to tell about herself, framed as a sentimental human interest story which whitewashed the murderous activities by both Tamimi and her husband - himself a terrorist who participated in the murder of Israeli civilian Chaim Mizrahi in 1993. The program made no criticism of the Tamimis and none of those who were murdered in Ahlam Tamimi's terror attack were mentioned. The writer is a columnist for The Times of London.

2020-10-22 00:00:00

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