Israel's Accords with Gulf States Are Vital for Countering Iranian Expansionism in the Middle East

(Daily Telegraph-UK) Dore Gold - It is argued that Israel's new peace treaties with the UAE and Bahrain don't really matter because both are mini-states in population and territorial expanse. But the UAE's case exemplifies how a smaller state can actually make a huge difference. The UAE has deployed its armed forces in Yemen, established military bases in Somalia and a naval presence in Eritrea. They have been active in the Libyan conflict, helping General Khalifa Haftar operate his drone units. Given Turkey's alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, the UAE is contesting President Erdogan's race for power throughout much of Central and East Africa. Having states that can coordinate to undercut Iranian subterfuge is essential for blocking its expansionism across the Middle East.

2020-09-17 00:00:00

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