Qatar Funds Hizbullah Arsenal through Gold Markets in Uganda

(The National-UAE) Damien McElroy - Qatar operated a funding network for arms shipments from Europe to Hizbullah using gold shipments traded through Africa, the Austrian think tank Mena-Watch reported on Tuesday. High-ranking Qatari officials coordinated the payments and offered protection for Doha-based Hizbullah financiers. "General Dhalan Al Hamad, a member of the royal family in Qatar, used gold from Uganda to fund this arms trade," the report states. Weaponry was purchased in Serbia. The arms, labeled as building materials, were moved through North Macedonia to the Greek port of Thessaloniki and on to Beirut. In addition, "the Qatari charities Sheikh Eid and the Education Foundation passed on $500 million to Hizbullah in 2020 alone."

2020-09-14 00:00:00

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