Israel Is a True Ally - It's Time We Remembered That

(Spectator-UK) Stephen Daisley - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK "has always stood by Israel and its right to live, as any nation should be able to, in peace and security." That recognition that the Jewish state should be treated like every other does not, however, extend to a very basic courtesy: we refuse to recognize its capital and place our embassy there. In Israel, the Foreign Office maintains the fiction that Tel Aviv is the capital and hides away our embassy there. Israel is a steadfast ally. It furnishes us with vital intelligence. If you don't remember Hizbullah bombing London in 2015, it is because the Mossad tipped off MI5 about a terror cell in northwest London with three tons of ammonium nitrate stockpiled. This faithful friend we reward by calling it an occupier in its own capital city.

2020-09-10 00:00:00

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