The Palestinian Authority Rewards Terrorists for Ramming Cars into Jews

(Forward) Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll - There was a time when Palestinian terrorist attacks were even more frequent, when they were daily occurrences. Twenty years ago, before the security fence was built, they came in the form of suicide bombings. Restaurants and buses exploded. Hundreds of civilians, women and children, died at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Since the security barrier was erected in 2003, these attacks have taken the form of car-rammings and stabbings. Palestinian drivers in car-rammings have then gotten out of their vehicles carrying hatchets or knives, stabbing and mutilating Israelis. It is now standard operating procedure to fully neutralize a terrorist for fear that he will continue to try and kill - as some have done. The truth is, there is a financial incentive to kill Jews; the families of terrorists receive subsidies by the Palestinian Authority. One side is rewarded financially for ramming cars into the other side. Anyone who wants better for Palestinians should resist a culture that asks its people to die while killing ours. The writer is the co-founder of Chochmat Nashim, an Israeli NGO dedicated to battling extremism and raising the voice of women in the Jewish conversation.

2020-07-02 00:00:00

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