Leave Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and His Views on Israel Alone

(Eyewitness News-South Africa) Klaas Mokgomole and Mmamalema Molepo - Somehow, when it comes to Israel and Palestine, we are suddenly told to have a moral high ground and pick sides. There has been no sanctioning or boycotting of Libya for the sale of human beings in the 21st century, or France's colonial tax on West and Central African countries. The strong campaigns for the freedom of the people of the Western Sahara and West Papua New Guinea are eerily silent and one can only wonder why. A judge is required to keep an open mind when deciding a matter in a court of law, and this is what Chief Justice Mogoeng has implored us to do as South Africans when it comes to Israel and Palestine. No single person or entity holds all the power to speak on international issues alone, while not affording others a chance to share theirs. But the anti-Israel brigade are trying to create such a platform, by trying to shut other people out of the conversation. The writers are Africans for Peace coordinators.

2020-06-30 00:00:00

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