Why Israel Doesn't Use the Word "Annexation"

(Jewish News-UK) Amb. Mark Regev interviewed by Justin Cohen - Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev, who is completing his four-year appointment, said that the application of Israeli law in parts of the West Bank is an issue of Israeli sovereignty. "We don't use the word 'annexation' - annexation is taking something that's not yours. We believe we have a legitimate claim to territories in the West Bank from a legal, historical and security point of view. We don't deny that other people have a claim, but rival claims have to be sorted out." "I recognize that just as Jewish Israelis will have a variety of views, you'll get a variety of views in the UK Jewish community. I'm just asking for anyone who has alternative policy suggestions that they should respect the outcome of what was ultimately a democratic election [in Israel]." "If you paint this as a train wreck leading to the end of peace with our neighbors, of course you're against it. It's more complicated. You're presuming the Israeli government is going to act in an irresponsible way and there's no basis for that. Give us more credit. We will pursue this in a way that looks at the opportunities and at the same time we'll need to minimize the challenges and potential negative blowback."

2020-06-25 00:00:00

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