Police Release Video of Palestinian Car-Ramming Attack

(Times of Israel) Alexander Fulbright - Israeli Border Police on Wednesday released security footage from a car-ramming attack at a West Bank checkpoint near Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, on Tuesday, seeking to push back against accusations that Israeli forces killed the assailant without reason. In the video, a car driven by Ahmad Moustafa Erekat can be seen approaching the checkpoint before abruptly accelerating and turning toward a group of police. The car then rams into a female officer - who is knocked into the air - before colliding with a booth and coming to a stop. "He waited for a good moment, turned from the middle of the lane to the side to get a better angle to hurt the officer, and then accelerated," a Border Police statement said. "Unfortunately, in recent hours various elements have chosen to portray the event in a completely distorted way and not as a ramming attack, while besmirching the officers' conduct and covering up the terrorist's grave actions," a Border Police source said.

2020-06-25 00:00:00

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