Israeli Control in the Jordan Valley

(Israel Hayom) Dr. Dan Schueftan - In 2014, U.S. General John Allen suggested a plan that included Palestinian sovereignty in the Jordan Valley. The answer to Israel's security fears would be sensors, unmanned aircraft, satellites, and other technological devices. There was also talk of foreign troops, possibly American, being stationed along the banks of the Jordan River, and a possible U.S.-Israel deal ensuring American support for unilateral moves by Israel when responding to threats to its security. Establishing Israeli control in the Jordan Valley entails abandoning the delusional idea of Israeli and Jordanian security based on technology and foreign presence. What Israel needs is not information on threats and the hope that someone else will respond before it's too late. Rather, it needs deterrence that comes with a good chance of prevention and an Israeli force that will neutralize threats when needed. The physical isolation of Jordan from the aggressive subversion of the Palestinians in the West Bank calms the regime in Amman. The need to differentiate itself from Israel, due to radical internal elements, causes the Jordanian king to respond to Israeli actions in a more aggravated manner. That's how it's been for decades, and that's how it most probably will be in the future. The writer heads the International Graduate Program in National Security Studies at the University of Haifa.

2020-06-17 00:00:00

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