Lebanese Demand Bread, Hizbullah Offers Fantasies

(Arab News-Saudi Arabia) Baria Alamuddin - Once upon a time, an incautious word against Hizbullah could merit a death sentence. Nowadays, ridiculing the "Axis of Resistance" has become a Lebanese national pastime. In recent days, a flood of videos and articles have boldly questioned how Lebanon benefits from Hassan Nasrallah's promises of breakfasting in Jerusalem, while penniless citizens struggle to obtain breakfast in Beirut. "The image of the Israelis packing their stuff and getting on planes and ships is in front of my eyes," Nasrallah blustered in his latest fusillade of lies. Social media activists are incessantly denouncing Nasrallah as a traitor for selling out his nation to Iran. Hizbullah's very existence guarantees that Lebanon will never receive sufficient international financial support, which represents its only possible exit from the current catastrophic impasse. Moreover, by training and arming anti-state insurgents in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria, Hizbullah objectively poses a far more immediate threat to Arab regional stability than to Israel.

2020-06-01 00:00:00

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