Time for the EU to Put All of Hizbullah on Its Terror List

(Al-Arabiya) Ksenia Svetlova - Not only Germany, but also Argentina, Colombia and Brazil have recently decided to designate Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. When Hizbullah traffics drugs, illicit tobacco, weapons or diamonds through Hamburg port or through porous borders in Latin America or East Africa, this dirty money will be later used to send rockets on the civilian population in Israel, kill more Syrians, and perform terror attacks in Europe or Arab states. That's why the EU and countries around the world should follow the example of Germany and put the entire Hizbullah on its terror list, in an effort to eradicate Hizbullah's power and global presence. The writer, a former Israeli Knesset member, is director of the program on Israel-Middle East relations at the Mitvim Institute and is a senior research analyst at the Institute for Policy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya.

2020-05-08 00:00:00

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