U.S. Intelligence Director Urges EU Countries to Ban Hizbullah

(Fox News) Benjamin Weinthal - Richard Grenell, the American ambassador to Germany and the acting U.S. director of national intelligence, urged all EU countries to outlaw Hizbullah activities. The organization "cannot be allowed to use Europe as a safe haven to support terrorism in Syria and across the Middle East," he said. After Germany's interior ministry on Thursday outlawed all Hizbullah activities, Grenell said, "The world is a little bit safer with this German government ban of Hizbullah....It's an incredible diplomatic success that we hope will motivate many officials in Brussels to follow suit with an EU-wide ban." Grenell spoke with Emmanuel Bonne, the foreign policy adviser to the president of France, to press him on banning Hizbullah in France and working to support an EU-wide ban.

2020-05-04 00:00:00

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