Coronavirus in the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) Michael Herzog and Ghaith al-Omari - The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the Palestinians' mutually dependent relationship with Israel, as both sides are jointly implementing practical measures to keep the situation under control at home and next door. As of April 27, PA officials reported 325 coronavirus cases in the West Bank, with two fatalities. They reacted swiftly and efficiently, declaring a state of emergency, closing schools and mosques, and severely restricting movement into and within the West Bank. The government's instructions have been enforced by the PA security services. In eastern Jerusalem and villages in Area C where PA forces are not permitted to operate freely, local "emergency committees" established by the ruling Fatah movement have taken on this responsibility. IDF Brig.-Gen. (res.) Michael Herzog, a fellow at The Washington Institute, is a former senior military advisor and chief of staff to four Israeli defense ministers. Ghaith al-Omari is a senior fellow at the Institute and a former advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team.

2020-05-01 00:00:00

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