Israelis Displayed Discipline in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

(Jerusalem Post) Ari Harow - Israel was quick and agile in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, meeting the virus with a united and regimented front. Military service in Israel is mandatory and, as such, much of the population has served or is currently serving. While Israeli soldiers are encouraged to ask questions and not just accept military strategy dictated from above, once a decision is finalized, military discipline kicks in. Years of living under rocket fire, starting with the Gulf War in 1991, has ingrained in us a similar discipline. All of Israel has become a target for rocket attacks from Lebanon and Gaza. We are trained not to take chances. When the sirens sound, the people of Israel head for a safe room or find cover. When security and safety are at risk, our army discipline kicks in. When Defense Minister Naftali Bennett explained that loving our parents and grandparents meant staying away, Israeli children and grandchildren saluted and immediately followed this directive, protecting the most vulnerable demographic. The writer is a former chief of staff to the prime minister.

2020-05-01 00:00:00

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