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(Jerusalem Post) Yonah Jeremy Bob - Arik "Harris" Barbing retired a year ago after 27 years in the Israel Security Agency where he headed the counter-terror division for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. He said that years ago there was one hardened Hamas terrorist in the southern Judea region who "collected materials for and manufactured bombs," but also "had some kind of connection and interest in Jews...and even possessed books about Judaism in Hebrew." After he was arrested, the Hamas operative told Harris that "he wanted to convert to Judaism." The ISA "brought him an elderly man wearing a kippa who spoke Arabic as his mother tongue." This agent was originally from an Iraqi-Jewish background, but he was presented as an Arab who had converted to Judaism, so that the Hamas operative would feel he was not the first convert from an Arab background. The Hamas operative "believed the story big time....Then he helped stop many the Hebron and south Hebron areas, including significant Hamas weapons infrastructure for carrying out shootings and kidnappings."

2020-03-13 00:00:00

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