"Military Occupation" of Beirut by Hizbullah Awakes Suspicions Throughout the Arab World

[Washington Times ] Claude Salhani - The mufti of Lebanon, the highest Sunni religious authority in the country, has called Hizbullah's brief but potent military takeover of West Beirut several weeks ago "a military occupation." Last month, Hizbullah reneged on an earlier promise never to turn their guns on fellow Lebanese, costing them the support they previously enjoyed. Geneive Abdo, a fellow at the Century Foundation, said some Sunni leaders even described Hizbullah's assault as "a Persian invasion." Many analysts believe Hizbullah miscalculated in its assault. The greater miscalculation, however, was that by doing so they awoke suspicion and fear in Sunnis throughout the Arab world.

2008-06-17 01:00:00

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